Savanah {Class of 2016}
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Friday, June 03, 2016
By Siri Salonen
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     This is a story about taking action.

     It is so easy to ignore the creative thoughts that flit through my brain daily. If I hadn't become a pro at shelving most of the ideas that come to me, trips with me would happen very slowly. (Wait! Go back, I want to photograph that lone tree...doesn't it look brave against the rolling fields? Stop, I need a picture of all of us in front of basically every place we have ever I am laying on the ground shooting a flower from a worms get the idea.)

     The challenge is in taking those thoughts and making them into something tangible, real...lovely. When I saw Savanah for the first time, I was instantly obsessed with creating a shoot around her look. Hair loose and wavy, sun kissed skin, natural beauty and grace, and wearing a killer H&M dress that totally had me thinking boho bride! While all of this was happening in my head, she was just doing her hostessing job, leading us to our table at the Boathouse Restaurant. I tried not to be too creepy but by the time we had finished dinner and were ready to leave, I knew I had to talk to her. 

me: So, I hope this doesn't sound too creepy (no better way to not sound creepy than to just come right out with but I'm a local photographer and I think you are beautiful and would love to take your picture. (I totally sounded like a teenage boy asking her out...)

     She was friendly and kind and flattered instead of weirded out. I gave her a card and asked her to look me up and get in contact with me if she was interested. I figured that when asking a young woman who I don't know for permission to photograph her, I should leave the ball in her court;) I didn't want to get too excited about the shoot, let's just say I had most of the details worked out by the time we got home from dinner.  A few days later, she reached out to me via my facebook page and the shoot was on!

     I am thrilled to share images from the resulting evening session at Gallagher's Farm overlooking gorgeous West Grand Traverse Bay. A huge thank you to Savanah for being such a fabulous model, going along with my crazy and random directions, toughing it out as the night air got much cooler and even for sharing a piece of the delicious prop wedding cake as we warmed up in my car after the shoot. She will be graduating high school this weekend and I can tell just by our short time together that the world will rise up to greet her:) Congratulations Savanah! 

     Huge thanks to Linsday Wolff of Lindsay Wolff Photography for bringing additional props and being the best reflector holder, dinner bringer, flash setter-upper ever:) The adorable cake was made by Christina Thompson of Kingsley Cakes and the gorgeous bouquet was created by Victoria of Victoria's Floral Design in Beulah, MI. Thank you so much to all of you for contributing to making the lovely that was inside my head into actual, swoon worthy images. 

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